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What is the best way to engage employees? Show you value them and the world around them!
propsHR is a peer recognition solution that drives an engaged culture by combining employee appreciation with core values and corporate charitable giving, all through an easy and fun cloud-based product.

Social Recognition

Instantly view and like recognition given to you and co-workers.

Give Props

Easily say thanks and “give props” to co-workers.

Influence on corporate giving

As you give props and unlock items, see how you influence corporate charitable giving.

See your activity

See props you have given and received as well as your chosen nonprofit.

giving graphic

Jane gives Jim props

  • Employee who gives props feels good for showing gratitude. Also pleased for directing a charitable donation to a nonprofit he/she selects.

Jim receives props

  • Employee receiving props feels appreciated. Also pleased because his/her helpfulness at work directed a donation to a nonprofit.

Coworkers view and ‘like’ props on social wall

  • People are happy to see their colleagues recognized for exemplifying core values. The donation strengthens the sense of shared purpose.

Employer benefits

  • The company enjoys a stronger culture and increased engagement from sharing purpose and reinforcing core values.

i love my job

Organizational Turnover

turn•o•ver \‘tərnˌ ōvər\ : the rate at which employees leave a workforce and are replaced. synonyms: change, rate of replacement, movement – “a high turnover of staff”

The cost of employee engagement and retention cannot be overexpressed, from effort and opportunity to money…lots and lots of money. But what is the real cost of organizational turnover? And can you calculate the actual cost of turnover?

Learn how Brad Winsor, propsHR co-founder, has previously dealt with this extremely murky situation. read more

About propsHR

In addition to finding a niche for employee recognition software, propsHR wants to incorporate a socially conscious attitude to their business. Many companies contribute to charities and/or community programs – why not tie peer recognition to giving to a specific charity or program chosen by the employee?


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