About propsHR

propsHR is an employee recognition company founded in 2016 by Cyndi and Brad Winsor. With a combined 35 years’ experience in HR software design and development, Cyndi and Brad are carrying forward business values learned at Aquire, the company where they met in 2001. The company culture was amazing! It encouraged open communication, quality products, creativity, and peer recognition.

When the company was purchased by a larger organization, the culture quickly changed. Team productivity declined, communication from upper management left much to be desired, and turnover became a problem.

After experiencing the effects of lower engagement with them and their teams, the Winsors began researching employee engagement; more specifically, peer recognition. What they found was:

  • Many employees aren’t aware if their company has a peer recognition program
  • When employees are aware of such a program, it is not actively promoted by management and not often used
  • Existing reward programs rarely enhance corporate social responsibility, a key component of employee engagement

In addition to finding a niche for employee recognition software, Cyndi and Brad wanted to incorporate their socially conscious attitude to their business. Many companies contribute to nonprofits or community programs – why not tie peer recognition to giving to a specific nonprofit or program chosen by the employee? Thus, propsHR was born.

Meet our team

cyndi winsor
Cyndi Winsor


brad winsor
Brad Winsor



Advisory Board

lois melbourne
Lois Melbourne


ross melbourne
Ross Melbourne


willard zangwill
Willard Zangwill, PhD


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