Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My company has a set budget for charitable giving. How do we ensure that we stay within that budget?

propsHR offers two options for setup: set a microdonation amount you pledge for each prop given (open-ended charitable budget) or disburse a fixed charitable budget based on the percent of props given by charity.

Are their rules as to what types of charities my company selects for inclusion in propsHR?

We suggest you select 3 to 5 charities that aligns with your company’s purpose. In order for the donations to be tax deductible, any organizations you choose must be designated as nonprofits.

My company has a foundation that receives all of our charitable funds. How will this work with propsHR?

Typically, a foundation has multiple nonprofit organizations where it directs charitable funds. With propsHR, you supply a list (full or subset) of the nonprofit organizations your foundation supports. This empowers employees to help guide those charitable contributions.

How are the nonprofit organizations paid?

propsHR provides a charitable pledge report to your company, indicating total pledge amounts for each nonprofit organization. Your company then makes the appropriate donations directly to the nonprofits.

Is manager approval required for employees to give props?

No. Props are sent immediately with no approval process

What size donation should my company pledge per prop given?

We suggest starting at $.50 to $1.00 per prop given but it depends on the size of your company’s charitable budget. At $.50 per prop given, your company will pledge approximately $50 per employee per year based on two props given per week.

Are my company’s donations tax deductible?

Yes as long as the organization is designated a nonprofit.

Does propsHR feed into performance management process?

Employees can create personal recognition reports for use in the performance process.

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